• “Zuper Zebra Cream Dark Tone”

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      We announce that read this can drive you crazy, it is the revolution:

      Color+ Solar Protection +  organic ingredients + face cream


      What else you can ask the ZUPER ZEBRA CREAM?

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    It is a BB cream? -Do not

    It is a cream BC?-not

    And then, what?-is a Zuper Zebra Cream.

    And why is Zuper Zebra Cream? -It is Cream because it is (obviously) a cream, Zebra because it belongs to Mama Zebra, and Zuper… better yourself realize  watching their ingredients:

      Its uses and applications are very broad:

    Attenuation of signals left by scars and Burns (healing and regenerating action).
    Maintenance of elasticity and turgor of the skin (revitalising action).
    Prevention and slowing down of the process of skin aging (action antioxidant ).
    It restores the natural balance of hydration of the skin (moisturizing action).


      Oil rich in oleic with moisturizing, nourishing and softening properties.Improve the appearance and general condition of the skin, especially in cases of drying, dehydration, or peeling. Rich in vitamins A and E, proteins, mineral salts and acids degrees. It is very nutritious and suitable for all skin types, especially for the more sensitive and dry.
      It is a natural fat obtained from the fruit of the karite tree. The karite tree grows wild in the drier regions of the Equatorial zone of central Africa. Contribution of linoleic acid, unsaturated fatty acid applied topically facilitates barrier restoration of the effect of the stratum corneum. ECOCERT ingredient.


      Also called tocopherol, is the most effective fat-soluble antioxidant, this makes that it slows down the aging of skin cells and, in addition, fights free radicals that act on the deterioration.


      Enhances skin glow and strengthens the natural properties thanks to the Lignans:
      Reduces imperfections:-minimizes glare
      Refines the grain
      It smoothes the skin
      It moisturizes the skin.
      Slows down cell growth: slow down and stabilize the cycle of young cells that will take to mature or aging, extending their life.


      Specifically developed to mitigate the problems associated with irritation and inflammation of the skin.

    Compound formed by licorice, ECOCERT Centella, green tea, Santa María herb, Chamomile, Rosemary, skullcap.

    It can act as an environmental shield to protect the skin from irritation of the environment.


    • High sun protection factor.
      Does not contain: Perfumes, dyes, parabens.

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